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Best tire inflator for emergency. Portable air pump with your car, suitable for medium and small-scale tire.
This air compressor is equipped with Twin stainless steel valved Cylinders
Quite and efficient and a solid base keep out debris and ensures this will be the last compressor

The compressor is suitable for all 12V tires, such as 4*4, trucks less than 2 tons, cars, etc.
Powerful air flow, fast air inflation.
Also perfect for motors, bikes, balls, boats, toys, etc.
It is good for the emergency needs when you are on highway and Countryside road or rush for office on the morning while the tire is low pressure. Get back on the road with faster inflation time.
Convenience to put it trunk of car and not occupy any space.
The appropriate tire pressure not only save gas but also ensure the Safety of driving.
Stainless steel valves, high spec PTFE piston rings
Auto thermal cut-out protection
Shock Rubber support base for stability
Gearless direct drive - quiet and efficient
Alloy Air pump Assembly - allows for Quick heat dissipation
Convenient ON/OFF Control
Coil air hose included
Solid Brass Fittings and connectors
Anti-vibration Design
Built In Torchlight

Voltage: DC12V to DC13.5V Volts
Max. Amperage: 14Amps
Max. Pressure: 150PSI
Air flow: approx: 35 L/M
Working time: lasting 15 min
Air Compressor Aproximate Weight: 3kg

1. While the compressor is working, keep the engine running to enhance the power.
2. The electric source is DC12V 18A-25A; the family electric AC110-240V source is prohibited unless with a voltage transformer.
3. Generally, it takes 3 minutes to compress the vehicle tire to the appropriate pressure, 30PSI. If the gauge indicates the pressure rising rapidly, even amounting to 100PSI at the beginning of the inflating, it means the failure. Please remove the connector from the valve and operate again.
4. Keep the inflating at your sight and attention. Please check the gauge for pressure and not let the pressure too high.
5. Wet and heavy dropping are prohibited. keep away from children to avoid possible hurt.
6. To keep the good operation of the compressor, it should not being work more than 15 minutes. If the compressor continuously works more than 15 minutes you should cool it for 10 minutes, to avoid damage the engine and the pates.

RM165 with POS LAJU/SKYNET delivery. 1 Year Limited Warranty

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